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ABOUT Wyatt MacLaren LLP

 We are a micro-business of architects with an interest in the re-use of existing buildings for domestic, social and religious purposes. We also own land and buildings that we modify and rent to both holiday and long terms tenants. We don’t make big distinctions between workplaces and dwellings or between permanent and transient addresses. We are interested in the potential conflicts between privacy and communality and between income and capital and luxury and sustainability.

This website is a compendium of on-going projects where we have learned how difficult it can be to make accommodation easily affordable and ultimately sustainable. The sudden tripling in the price of Fossil Methane in the UK, as the result of a war in Europe, amplified by the parallel but unjustified tripling in the price of electricity in the sunny and breezy UK has changed priorities in the management of dwelling. Although we have 30 years of detailed knowledge of the mechanisms of the climate catastrophe that we carelessly put in place during the last century, it is only now that we are finding fossil fuel energy too costly to waste, and buildings, both ancient and modern, too casually extravagant to service.

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